Children in disguise in RF!

Friday 19th January | No comments yet

We have had such a varied week in RF.

At the beginning of the week one of our children asked if they could have their face painted. We used the internet to find interesting designs we could use and then went to find the face paints. Some children drew their own designs to have painted later in the week. letters went out to ask for permission and we were ready! Have a look at the photos to see if you can recognise anyone.

On Wednesday it snowed so we took the sledges out on to the hill and had lots of fun!

On Thursday some of the children decided they wanted to have a shop in class so they collect all sorts of things from around the room and put them into baskets ready for sale. I asked how much things were and said in real shops each thing for sale had a price on it so the children set about putting price labels on everything. We found a cash register and they were ready. They spent a long time buying and selling things and asked if they could have a shop in class next week.

Next week we will set up a shop role play area with the help of the children so if they visit a shop this weekend it would be very helpful if you could talk to them about what they can see there.

In phonics next week our new sound will be ‘ng’ and we will be revising ‘ch’, ‘sh’ and ‘th’ as well as all the Phase 2 sounds. Our tricky word of the week will be ‘was’.

Have a lovely weekend, from the team in RF.


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