A busy week in RF

Friday 12th January | No comments yet


This week has been all about shape and disco parties!

We revised 2D shapes altogether. The children are able to name circle, triangle, square and rectangle and talk about their properties. They are able to find shapes with straight sides and count how many each shape has. They have also learned about 3D shapes – cube, cuboid and cylinder and begin to talk about their properties. Ask your child to see if they can find any objects at home in those categories. There have been lots of activities available for the children to do independently including making pictures with shapes and completing a shape programme on the computer.

Our focus children this week very keen on holding a disco party so we spent the week getting ready for it which we held this afternoon. They planned what they wanted for the party including buns to eat. They wrote lists of ingredients they needed to make the buns and then made two batches. They also wrote some invitations. We were nearly ready for the party except no one knew how to disco dance! In our PE lesson we learned some steps and practised in preparation for the party. We were ready! The children enjoyed dancing to the music with the disco lights flashing and then we returned to class to have refreshments of buns and milk. A lovely end to a very busy week.

Next week in literacy our tricky word of the week is ‘be’ and our new sounds will be qu, ch, sh and th.


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