Is the moon made out of cheese?

Thursday 11th January | 1 comment

This week in RH, some of the children have been very interested in discussing Space. One child thought the moon was made of cheese and the children became very excited about the prospect of visiting the moon so we decided to organise a trip to see if the moon was made out of cheese. We researched how to get there and talked about what the moon would be like, including the fact that there’s no gravity there.

The children have been busy making space helmets and space boots which they wore when we went on our adventure. They have also been drawing rockets, painting rockets and making rockets out of wood.

We have recapped 3D shapes, naming them and looking at their properties. The children were challenged to make rockets using the 3D shapes and then named the shapes that they had used.

On our trip to the moon, we looked at the shapes used to make up the rocket. We then talked about the shapes of the planets and worked out that that they were spheres.

As part of our trip, we watched a video of a rocket taking off and then a video of astronauts on the moon.  We then had a pancake as this was requested as part of the trip!

The children were allowed to explore the moon and they soon discovered that it was made of rocks, not cheese. As there was no gravity on the moon, the children had to work in pairs to help each other explore. One child stayed on the rocket holding on to one end of a skipping rope and the other child explored whilst holding on to the other.

We have been learning about the planets with this catchy song:

What else have we been learning?


In Phonics, we have introduced the phonemes qu, ch, sh this week. We have practised reading words containing the phonemes and writing them.

Our tricky word this week is ‘we’.


As well as the work we have completed on 3D shapes, the children have also been doing some estimating. We have talked about the word ‘estimating’ and what it means. The children have also estimated how many counters they thought they could fit in their shoe. They then filled their shoes with counters and counted them to see if their estimations were close.






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  1. hannahstewart says:

    Wow what an exciting week! Your trip to the moon looks like great fun. Is the moon made out of cheese?

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