Seaside Day in Reception

Wednesday 19th July | 5 comments

We have had a wonderful Seaside Day in Reception. We spent the morning preparing by making signs and writing lists of things we needed.

We then enjoyed a fun-filled afternoon and had a lovely picnic with our grown ups.

Thank you for all the food donations which made for a lovely picnic this afternoon and thank you to all those that were able to attend.

5 responses to “Seaside Day in Reception”

  1. Sarah (Holly's mum) says:

    I had a fantastic day. Lòve from Holly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Alison Thornton says:

    Patrick had a super day and I enjoyed the picnic this afternoon too, thank you.

  3. Mehnaz Begum says:

    Ayah really enjoyed her seaside day and the picnic.

  4. Jenna mackwell says:

    Layton really enjoyed the seaside day he had lots of fun

  5. Sarah (Holly's mum) says:

    I had a fantastic day. Love from Holly xx

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