Strawberry and raspberry picking

Wednesday 5th July | 2 comments

Today the Nursery children went strawberry and raspberry picking in Horsforth. They learnt to recognise ripe and unripe fruit and what the plants look like that they grow on. We all picked 3 raspberries each and searched everywhere to find the biggest strawberry. We found lots of big strawberries and raspberries!

2 responses to “Strawberry and raspberry picking”

  1. peterharris says:

    You lucky things…. Those strawberries are enormous: much bigger than the ones usually grown on our school farm. They are superhero strawberries!

  2. Anna (Matilda's mum) says:

    Ohhhh I love this,and what a fab treat!! Although I’d like to know where my strawberries are….? Great picking! We’ll have to have a family visit over the weekend.

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