St George’s Crypt

Tuesday 13th June | 5 comments

This morning a group of 6 children went to St George’s Crypt in Leeds. We took our donation of food and money. We then got to have a tour inside and we saw where everyone eats and sleeps. They were so impressed with what the children had done and said a “HUGE THANK YOU!”
Well done Nursery.

5 responses to “St George’s Crypt”

  1. Charlotte Suleman says:

    Well done Nursery!

  2. Nimisha says:

    Well done ? nursery. Very proud of you all. Great lesson for the children in giving, helping others and being compassionate.

  3. Danielle (Ivy's Mum) says:

    Well done nursery, what a thoughtful, kind and charitable thing to do. You are definitely all very good citizens!

  4. Pretesh Barai (Shailen's Dad) says:

    Well Done to Nursery! Also it’s worth pointing out that it’s great that the Nursery Teaching Staff are embracing and encouraging activities such as this, thanks to them.

  5. Nicola says:

    Lovely photos, well done nursery!

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