Teddies Galore!

Friday 19th May | No comments yet

This week has been very exciting as we have had 60 teddies to look after! The teddies have sparked lots of learning and creative tasks, such as making teddy houses and  teaching  the teddies phonics.


The children have been giving and following instructions that contain positional language such as next to, in front of and so on. They have also been discussing the size and weight of their teddies and comparing them. We have also been identifying which side is left and right using a story about Mr and Mrs Wright. The story is read aloud and every time the word right is used, the children step to the right and the same with the left.



In literacy, the children have been writing sentences about their teddies. We have discussed using different sentence starters and leaving finger spaces between words. In order for the children to reach the Early Learning Goal in writing, they have to be able to write sentences independently that can be read by others without mediation. Leaving finger spaces between words really helps with this.

Next week, we are going to be looking at story telling and writing.


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