Ducklings in Foundation Stage

Friday 12th May | 2 comments

The children in Foundation Stage have really enjoyed looking after the ducklings. They have watched them hatch and grow into beautiful ducklings who have been growing bigger and bigger every day.

Today, some children helped the adults take four of the ducklings to a small farm in Otley which is where their new home is. There were lots of other birds at the farm and they will be very happy there. We still have two ducklings left who will be going to live with Mrs Purfield on Monday.

Some pictures of the ducks and their journey to their new home:

Little ducklings

Growing up

New home

Eden and Isla in RH decided to read duck stories to the two ducks who were left…


2 responses to “Ducklings in Foundation Stage”

  1. Zoe Briggs says:

    Lovely photos. Joe has really enjoyed having the ducklings and gave us regular updates on their progress. We’ve also enjoyed seeing them in the classroom everyday. We hope they are very happy in their new homes.

  2. Sarah (Holly's mum) says:

    Holly was very excited to take the ducklings to their new home. She said they were very well behaved on the minibus, and said that they were going to live near the airport!

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