The eggs are starting to hatch!!

Monday 24th April | 7 comments

After much anticipation the day has finally arrived to see what has been growing inside the eggs. There weren’t dinosaurs, giraffes or crocodiles but real ducklings!!! The children are very excited! We have 3 that have hatched and another on its way.

We are still looking for any old towels: please send them in to school as soon as possible.

7 responses to “The eggs are starting to hatch!!”

  1. peterharris says:

    Can we be assured that the yellow one isn’t dead?

    • hannahstewart says:

      Yes it was the last arrival this morning so very tired after a long night of escaping from the shell!

  2. Zoe (Jack Shann's mummy) says:

    They are too cute. Will have a look for some old towels

  3. Anna (Matilda's mum) says:

    Oh how lovely, and exciting!! Matilda is very excited to see the ducklings Wednesday, and I’ll look forward to hearing all about them!!!

  4. JOANNE says:

    Liam has been telling me about the eggs in nursery in their “makerbater” He was excited to tell me they are baby ducks x they are cute x

    • Zakra Nisa says:

      Awh, so sweet! Imaan thinks the yellow one is a chick and won’t be told otherwise she agrees the rest are ducks but the yellow ones a chick and she remember’s holding a chick at Hesket
      Farm which was also yellow! ?

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