Expected delivery – towels needed!!

Tuesday 18th April | 2 comments

The Nursery and Reception children had some eggs delivered before the holidays. They are currently being kept warm; the children have no idea what is inside the eggs although they have some brilliant ideas. They will soon found out so it is time for us to start collecting old towels. If you have any that we can have then please pass them to your child’s class teacher and they will ensure we get them.

Thank you

2 responses to “Expected delivery – towels needed!!”

  1. Amrit says:

    We have been so excited about these! Can’t wait to see what’s inside (?)

  2. Anna (Matilda's mum) says:

    Oh how lovely, Matilda is very excited about seeing the eggs and what’s going to hatch! She’s already started thinking of names for the little ones… Cucumber, conkers, and pompom…..!!!!

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