Being Healthy in Reception

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Be healthy

As part of the children’s learning about healthy eating, Claire who runs the school’s kitchen came to visit Reception. The children wanted to say thank you to Claire for all their lovely meals and they asked her lots of questions about the food that she cooks.

The children have also been practising their cutting skills to make fruit kebabs and have been making healthy dinner plates.


This week, the children have been building on their learning of addition. We have been teaching the children the strategy of putting the largest number in their head and counting on when adding mentally. The children have also been using numberlines to complete additions.







We have also challenged the children to work out some superhero addition problems. Can the children work out the answers to the problems below using the code?








This week the children have learnt the phonemes:

oa (road),

long oo (moon),

short oo which sounds like an /u/ (book) and

ar (star).

Training day

Don’t forget, it’s staff training day tomorrow so school isn’t open to children.

We hope you enjoy the long weekend and we will see you on Monday.

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