What else has been happening in Reception?

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In order to be healthy Superheroes, the children in Reception have been discussing healthy foods and the need for exercise. This week, we have read the story ‘Handa’s Surprise’ and the non-fiction book ‘Vegetables’. We have compared the books and discussed the differences between fiction and non-fiction. The children will be continuing their learning about staying fit and healthy next week.


This half term, the children have started to learn the Phase 3 digraphs (phonemes with two letter sounds) and trigraphs (phonemes with three letter sounds).

The digraphs/trigraphs learnt so far: qu, ch, th, sh, ng, ai, ee, igh

Below is the Phase 2 and Phase 3 Jolly Phonics videos. The Phase 2 video will help children who still need to recap Phase 2 phonemes and the Phase 3 video will show you how to enunciate the new and upcoming sounds. The children love joining in with these videos at school and they really help the children recognise and remember the sounds with the actions. Please listen to them at home too.

Phase 2

Phase 3



The children have been learning about money. They have looked at different coins and discussed the values of the different coins and put them in order.




IMG_5527A common misconception is that every coin represents 1, so we have been asking the children to show the different values using counters.




The children have helped to develop a shop. They made shelves using bricks from the construction area and found some paper to use as receipts. The children have loved pretending to be shopkeepers and customers, and they’ve been buying lots of healthy foods.

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