Superheroes at Farsley Farfield

Friday 20th January | 2 comments

What an exciting couple of weeks we have had in Reception.

The children have been extremely engaged in our Superhero topic and they have been very eager to capture the Joker and to rescue Princess Esmeralda. But it hasn’t been easy…

The children have become real Superheroes

Superhero Fitness Camp



You’ll be pleased to know, all the children passed the test and should be coming home with a certificate today.




The Story of the Joker and Princess Esmeralda

After setting up traps to capture the Joker, the children in Reception received another letter explaining that he/she had provided  ‘Superhero Challenges’ around the classroom for the children to complete.



For each challenge completed, the children were able to put a token in a pot. They were told that they had to collect 100 tokens before they could rescue Princess Esmeralda.



Superhero Challenges:

Making potions

Building dens

Reading Superhero books

Making healthy ‘potato friends’ in the Finger Gym

Writing to the Joker and practising capital letter formation

Reading the phonemes and tricky words that the baddies had stolen

As the children were completing the challenges, they received more letters from the Joker encouraging them to keep going. He also informed them that their traps hadn’t worked and that he had taken the class hoover! The Joker’s mischievous behaviour continued to encourage the children to complete the ‘Superhero Challenges’.

Once we had collected enough tokens, the children wrote a letter to the Joker.


To Joker, We are very sad because you have stolen the princess and our hoover. We have 113 tokens. Please tell us where your den is. From, Reception



The next day, the children came into the classroom to find footprints and an eaten cake! The cake had been left as our last attempt at capturing the Joker.

IMG_5252 IMG_5251 IMG_5253 IMG_5254






They  couldn’t wait to find out who the footprints belonged to – they had a sneaky feeling they knew who it was.

We received another letter from the Joker saying he was going to be at our school at 11 O’clock on Thursday. We looked at the time and worked out how long we had to wait. The children were very interested in telling the time all morning. We looked at digital and analogue clocks.  A couple of children came into school with watches on the next day and they were able to discuss telling the time with their friends. 

At 11 O’clock, we went to find the Joker.

We found her! Some of the children were shocked that the Joker was a girl. We discussed that girls and boys can be goodies and baddies. The Joker was a bit frightened of the Superheroes because she knew she hadn’t been very kind. We soon realised that the Joker had taken Princess Esmeralda because she didn’t have any friends and she didn’t know how to make friends. We said we would help her.

The Joker needed help cracking some codes in order to find Princess Esmeralda.

We cracked the codes and set off on our mission to rescue her.

It’s been a wonderful couple of weeks and the children should be very proud of their efforts. They have worked brilliantly as a team.

Some children soon realised that the Joker didn’t look too dissimilar to Miss Hutchinson, so please do reassure any worried children that the Joker was only Miss Hutchinson pretending.

2 responses to “Superheroes at Farsley Farfield”

  1. Elsie's Dad says:

    Elsie loved the princess and has loved finding her.
    Well done superheroes.

  2. Sarah (Holly's Mum) says:

    We have had daily updates about the Joker and all the challenges that Reception have been set. Well done everybody on rescuing the Princess and helping the Joker make friends!
    Whatever will happen in Reception next?!

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