Keeping active in Reception…

Friday 6th January | No comments yet

The children in Reception have been keeping fit and healthy this week.

On Thursday, some children went on a bike ride (around the school grounds) with Miss Hutchinson. We talked about why cyclists wear high visibility jackets and how they stay safe on the roads. The children rode on the balance bikes, following Miss Hutchinson in single file, and made sure we all stayed together. They also practised using the brakes when going down hills and moving the handlebars to direct the bikes around bends.

In PE, the children have been helping the community by becoming Police Officers! The children had to climb, crawl and balance on apparatus in order to look out for robbers. They had to practise their catching skills by throwing balls and beanbags into the air and catching them – we talked about the children using their eyes and hands at the same time. They practised pencil rolls and teddy bear rolls on the mats and finally, they bounced on the trampolines in order to stay fit and healthy.

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