We found the dragon!

Friday 25th November | 6 comments

I’m sure you’ve heard that we have had a very cheeky dragon in Reception this week. He has been sending us pictures of all the mischievous things he has been up to and he stole Miss Hutchinson’s jewels!

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The children have been trying to find the dragon all week and have thought of some fantastic ideas. They have made maps, written letters to the staff at school, spoken to staff at school, emailed Mr Harris and made wanted posters.

The children stuck their posters around school:

Today, we received a letter from the dragon which gave us a clue as to where he was hiding. We followed clues around  school and we found him. The dragon had a note to say he was sorry and he gave Miss Hutchinson her jewels back. The children have taught the dragon how to be a kind person and we have forgiven him.

Well done for all your hard work Reception!

6 responses to “We found the dragon!”

  1. Peter Harris says:

    I am so glad that you found that dragon and captured it. It has been a pest all week!

  2. Amrit says:

    I’ve been hearing so much about him too and how he stole Miss Hutchinsons mug. Glad he’s been caught! Well done to all the children.

  3. Isla's mum says:

    Oooo that cheeky little dragon!! Isla has been telling me all the mischief it’s been up to! Well done for finding the dragon! Now you can all show the dragon how to be good!

  4. Joanne ( Liams Mum ) says:

    Liams been telling me about this dragon ! And been looking for it on his way to school ! Then he told me it has been found on top of the castle !! What fun !

  5. Sarah (Holly's Mum) says:

    Holly has talked to us all week about the dragon. She loved the dragon hunt. She was very glad to rescue Miss Hutchinson’s jewels but told us that the dragon was not really bad and would be good now.

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