RE in Reception

Thursday 24th November | No comments yet

RE in Reception begins from the children’s own experience and we have already talked about where they live and who lives there. We talked about belonging to a family and that the house they live in is their home. The children were very excited to show one another the photos of their home and chat about the similarities and differences. Have you seen the display of work in RF classroom and also in the hall?

The next unit of work is entitled “How do Christians celebrate Christmas?” The children will talk about what happens when a baby is born in their family, how Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus and why some children celebrate Christmas and others may celebrate Eid or Divali.

This week the children will be asked to talk about these questions at home and bring in photos of themselves when they were a baby. We can then play “Guess who?” The children really enjoy looking at each other as a baby and trying to guess who the baby is.

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