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Thank you to all the parents and carers who came to see the teachers this week at Parents’ Evening. It was lovely to share your child’s learning journeys so far. If you didn’t make it, please book a time to either see Mrs Fulton or Miss Hutchinson next week.

Don’t forget that we are holding a Reading Information Evening on:

Thursday 17th November 6.45 – 7.30pm in the North building.

It’s a really valuable time for us to share how we teach the children to read and write and what you can do to help support the children at home.


In phonics this week, the children have been learning the sounds:












We have also learnt the tricky sound ‘I’ and have practised forming the letter, reading it and writing it in a sentence.

The children have also been writing sentences about fireworks. They practised writing the words by hearing and identifying the sounds, and then segmenting them in order to spell the words.

Whilst the children were writing, they were encouraged to use a capital letter at the beginning of the sentence, leave finger spaces between words and finish the sentence with a full stop. A way that we teach sentence writing is by using objects to represent the words. This way, the children can see how many words to write and they can see a gap between each word which represents a finger space.

For example:

lego brick


lego brick


lego brick









The children have been learning about the numbers 11, 12, and 13.

They have been ordering numbers to 13 on a numberline and recognising that these numbers are made up of a ten and then ones.

The children have also been exploring how many different ways they can make the numbers by grouping Multilink Cubes together in different ways to represent the same number. For example, they may have a group of 5 and 6 to make 11, a 10 and a 1 and so on.


The children have been developing their balancing skills today. They were balancing cones on different parts of their bodies and were creating their own balances as they were doing this. The children also played a game which involved lots of running around and movement to get their hearts pumping fast. We have been explaining to the children that it is a good thing to get out of breath as it means they have been working their bodies to their maximum fitness.

Have a lovely weekend and we will hopefully see you all on Thursday evening.

The Reception Team




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