PE fun in Reception

Friday 24th June | 1 comment

We have been practising ‘team spirit’ in Reception today. The children were put into teams for PE and they were very excited to organise team tactics!


First, the children balanced quoits on their heads and walked around the playground. To challenge themselves, they followed the wiggly lines, tried to hopscotch, walked in the ladders and so on…

Hand-eye co-ordination

The children pretended their quoits were pets. They had to roll the quoits in front of them and follow them with their eyes. They had to keep a close eye on their pets so they didn’t lose them.

Throwing and Catching

Next, the children practised throwing and catching their quoits. We were very impressed with the children’s catching skills!


Lastly, the children competed in some running races. We talked about how to run quickly. Click the link  IMG_4398 see a video of a child showing some fantastic sprinting using his arms for power!

We talked about winning and losing and agreed that it’s ok not to win!

Well done Reception!



One response to “PE fun in Reception”

  1. Ayden's mum says:

    Thank you for discussing winning and losing with the children. Ayden gets very frustrated when he loses in a game and so hopefully this will help him understand!

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