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Wednesday 15th June | No comments yet

This week has been very busy in Reception as we have been doing lots of assessments. The children have been showing us how much they have learned this year and their progress has been fantastic.

In maths the children can double and halve numbers, add and subtract, tell us 1 more and 1 less than a given number and much more! Over the next few weeks we will be giving them problems to solve using the skills they have developed.

In Literacy the children have been showing us that they can write sentences using a capital letter to begin with, finger spaces and finishing with a full stop. They have also been using cursive writing!

At this time of year we are beginning to talk about moving in to Year 1. Today the two year 1 classes have been out on a trip so we have taken the opportunity to have a look at their classrooms. The children saw the similarities with our rooms such as a book area and construction equipment but also the differences such as four large work tables in each room. They saw where to hang their coats and where the toilets are. The children had lots to say about Year 1 and were very excited and a little bit nervous. Over the next few weeks we will have more transition visits and you will find out more information.

Have a good week, from the Reception Team.

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