Snail adventures in Reception

Monday 23rd May | 4 comments

Reception have been reading the story ‘The Snail and the Whale’.

The children have been researching snails, taking snails on adventures outside and have thought of their own setting for the snail to visit. The children came up with lots of creative ideas!

This week, the children are using an app on the ipad called ‘Book Creator’. They are making a mini book using their setting pictures and are typing a sentence to explain where the snail went.

A couple of examples:

IMG_4197 IMG_4198






In Maths, we are finding out what the word half means and have been linking halving facts to doubling facts, for example double 2 is 4, so half of 4 is 2. Could you practise this at home? We have also been sharing items out into equal groups.

Here are some pictures of the children cutting pieces of toast in half! Some children even cut their toast into quarters and began to understand a quarter as half of a half.



4 responses to “Snail adventures in Reception”

  1. Zoe Webb says:

    This story is brilliant and I cannot wait to upload book creator on Jack’s Ipad. We will practice halving this week and discuss quarters. Keep up the great work RH.

  2. Ellen(Erin and Rhys mum) says:

    Erin practiced cutting her toast up again this morning after telling me what she had been doing in class yesterday. Erin was also looking for snails in the garden this morning and trying to figure out where they were trying to go? Well done RH.

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