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This week in Reception we have been getting things prepared for our Story and Pyjama Evening. The children have been writing signs for the evening and making biscuits. We have been concentrating on writing full sentences this week and the children have been spotting (purposeful) mistakes in my writing. For example, I may have missed out finger spaces, capital letters or full stops. We have also been modelling the correct spelling of key words to ensure that children learn these by the end of Reception. In addition, we have been following instructions and recognising that instructions start with an action word (verb).

In maths, we have continued our work on subtraction. The children have been using number lines to complete subtractions and have also been making marks on whiteboards to complete subtractions.

IMG_3880 IMG_3881






Most children have been subtracting using single digit numbers. Some children have been subtracting using 2 digit numbers and have also started to look at sharing and halving.

Dojo points are used in school to promote positive behaviours. If the children are praised for something or complete our class ‘Bee Jobs’, they receive Dojo points. Each child has a Dojo character which shows the total number of points they have. The Dojo system also has a negative Dojo section. This is something which we try not to use, but in the event of any poor behaviour a negative Dojo point can be given. The negative Dojo does not get removed but we will always work hard with the child to help them make the correct decisions in order to receive more positive Dojos. The Dojo points (both positive and negative) are reset at the start of every week. The children respond well to this system so please do ask your child how many Dojo points they have or have received during the day.


Some of the children have reached the end of Phase 3 phonics sounds.Please watch the Jolly Phonics video below with your child to help them remember the sounds. We also encourage children to practise writing the sounds.

Dont forget our Story and Pyjama Evening is  this Thursday  from 6.15 – 7pm. 

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday.

The Reception team

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