Ahoy there!

Friday 26th February | 2 comments

Welcome back! We have had a very busy week in Nursery as we have been invaded by pirates and by actors and actresses!!
The children got messages from Captain Squiffles who needed a pirate ship as he had lost his. Then Snow White wanted us to make her a theatre to perform on.
The children talked about all the things they needed for a theatre and a pirate ship. The children set about making all the things they asked for.
The most exciting part of the week was getting to use both new role play areas. I think you will agree that are having a lot of fun!

2 responses to “Ahoy there!”

  1. helen massanet-nicolau says:

    Looks amazing, they certainly all seem to be enjoying it. Emilia was very excited to show her big sister the theatre X

  2. Sarah (Holly's Mum) says:

    Holly was very excited about the pirate ship. She has told us about the ‘shooters’ and the gold coin treasure. She can’t wait to get back on board!

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