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Thursday 25th February | 1 comment

The children have been raring to go again this week after the holidays.

We have a new castle role play area in RH’s classroom which the children have really enjoyed so far this week. They have been coming up with all sorts of ideas to add to the castle. They made a drawbridge, flags, shields, swords and even dragon costumes! As well as a new castle, we also had a special delivery! A large silver egg appeared in a basket. We looked after the egg and came up with ideas about what may be inside it. Eventually the egg hatched and it was a dragon! We realised that the dragon had been very quiet and had lost his roar so the children have been making medicines to help the dragon’s throat. We tried a few of the children’s medicines and finally found one that helped him get his roar back. The children have been writing sentences about what has happened and some children wrote stories.


There has also been an incident this morning with an evil dragon! He came in over night and stole some of Miss Hutchinson’s jewels! The children were shown some pictures of the dragon in the castle and a video from him showing him stealing them.

The children have been searching all day for the dragon and are still yet to find him – they have found lots of clues though like hand prints and scratch marks! They have also been drawing maps to show where they think the treasure has been hidden and have also been making wanted posters.

In maths, we have have been using Numicon all week and trying to become familiar with the value of each piece. We have been ordering the Numicon from 1-10 and further to 20 with some children. We have been practising using Numicon to find doubles and some children have also been adding and subtracting with Numicon.


Most children are learning ure and air this week.

Some children are learning ue, aw and au.

Some children are learning j and v.

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  1. Danielle (Ayla's mum) says:

    Ayla has been full of stories and anecdotes this week!! She is definitely happy to be back thanks to all the excitement surrounding the dragon who we are calling “Dave”.

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