Pancakes everywhere in Nursery!

Friday 12th February | 1 comment

On Tuesday and Thursday this week the Nursery children learnt about ‘Shrove Tuesday’ better known as Pancake day! The children knew the ingredients they needed and helped to mix the batter. We then got to taste them and find out what our favourite toppings were – 1st syrup, 2nd oranges and sugar and 3rd lemon and sugar. As well as eating the pancakes the children got to have a go at tossing the pancakes, which resulted in lots of laughing! We all then had a go at pancake racing. Here are just a few of the photos we took!

One response to “Pancakes everywhere in Nursery!”

  1. Sarah (Holly's Mum) says:

    Holly was very excited about the pancakes and pancake racing. She told us she had had a going flipping them and caught and dropped them. She was a little disappointed that we didn’t do the same at home!

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