Busy last week of term in Nursery!

Tuesday 9th February | No comments yet

This week we are celebrating 2 special events – Shrove Tuesday and Chinese New Year.

On Tuesday afternoon and Thursday morning the children will find out about Shrove Tuesday and make some yummy pancakes. They will help to make the mixture and find out what the most popular topping is by creating a tally chart. There will also be some fun pancake racing in outdoor play.

On Wednesday we are celebrating Chinese New Year. The children can come to school dressed in red. We will listen to the story of how Chinese New Year was created, make Chinese lanterns, taste prawn crackers, make a Chinese dragon to dance under and try eating a digestive biscuit using chopsticks (all will be explained on Friday’s photos!)

In between all that fun we will be observing the children and seeing how well they are doing in their PSE – Personal, Social and Emotional development.

Have a great week and a restful half term.

The Nursery team.

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