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We have all enjoyed listening to the story ‘SUPERTATO’. It’s about a potato superhero who saves the food from the naughty pea!

We talked about what a supermarket was and the kinds of fruit and vegetables we could find there. We took turns to look at the different vegetables and fruit – we held and smelt them and decided which ones we liked or disliked. We then got busy making our own Superveg or Superfruit. We have talked a lot about what food is healthy and unhealthy and had a go at cutting some healthy food out.

Chinese New Year
On Monday 8th February it will be Chinese New Year. Nursery will be celebrating the Chinese New Year on Wednesday 10th, the children can come to school wearing something red. Red is a lucky colour.

Pancake Day
We will be celebrating Shrove Tuesday on Tuesday and Thursday. We will see who can make a pancake and catch it in the pan. We might try some pancake racing too!

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  1. Sarah (Holly's Mum) says:

    Holly loved SuperTato and told us all about the naughty pea. We loved her SuperCarrot which she bought home. We named him Kevin, he talks with a geordie accent and we had a lot of fun making up stories and scenarios where he could save the day!

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