Nursery superheroes to the rescue

Thursday 21st January | 1 comment

On Wednesday afternoon the children had a letter to read. It was from Sneaky Sid, he had stolen all of our dolls!

Today the children set out to find Sneaky Sid and rescue the dolls. They put on their superhero capes and worked out they needed to look for clues. While outside someone saw Sneaky Sid fly past the window, they then found baby clothes and bottles outside. On further inspection footprints were found on the frosty hill and Sneaky Sid’s glove! The children then spotted someone on the roof – could this be Sneaky Sid? They shouted loudly only to find the roofers working. They checked the roof and found nothing.

Our search then continued inside, while we where in the hall flying to superhero music we found some more clues. We hunted everywhere and Jas discovered the dolls in the library! The dolls had been tied up with rope, so we rescued them quickly in case Sneaky Sid came back and took them back to Nursery to look after them.

Well done Superheroes!!

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  1. Gemma (Alfie's mum) says:

    This is amazing and makes a lot more sense! Alfie was telling me about how Slime Man rescued the babies that were tied up and he took them back to their mummies.

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