The Police visit Reception!

Tuesday 19th January | No comments yet

What an exciting afternoon we have had in Reception! We had a visit from the police as part of our topic “People who help us”. The children had already prepared some very interesting questions to ask such as:

How do you get to an emergency?

What happens when you dial 999?

How many people have you arrested?

and many more.

Then the children had a look at the police van they came in. They sat in the ‘cell’ and turned the siren on. It was all very exciting!

In Literacy this week we are talking about the police and have already thought of brilliant questions to ask. We will be writing a description of their uniform.

In Phonics most children will be learning the sounds ur, ow, and oi. Miss Hutchinson’s group will be learning the blends lt, mp, nd and nk. Mrs Fulton’s children will be learning h, b and f. The tricky word this week is ‘was’.

In Numeracy we will continue to work on addition and also practice counting in 2’s.

Have a good week, from all in Reception.


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