Superheroes arrive in Nursery!

Monday 18th January | 6 comments

This morning something really strange happened: some of us played in the hall and some of us went outside in the snow and when we came back a Superhero play area had appeared! We did get sent a short video clip of a superhero blasting some light into our classroom and then it appeared! We had lots of suggestions as to who it might have been…

The children have really embraced the new toys, telephone box and superhero clothes. They are testing their strength and rescuing lots of their friends. Each child is creating their own superhero cape to wear at school. They have to think carefully about what super power they would like. So far we have Strong Boy, Brighid Batgirl, Sun and Rain Man, Sword girl and Slime Man. We are hoping to put our superhero powers to good use!

We are also listening to a number of different superhero stories. We will be encouraging the children to create their own story using some superhero figures.

Look for all the super powers when entering our classroom and if you need saving then please give our superheroes a call!

Have a great week,

The Nursery team

6 responses to “Superheroes arrive in Nursery!”

  1. Annette says:

    Oh wow, such fun! And how much do I wish I could be age 3/4 again!

  2. Claire (Eden's mummy) says:

    Eden told me that a superhero was in her classroom today and he went “whoosh……and left a big bright light!” And then she told me she wants to fly and needs a superhero cape for her birthday. I thought this excitement was from a story book, but now I understand! All the reception children must have been so surprised! Sounds like so much fun! 🙂

  3. Zoe (Ruby's mum) says:

    Great fun…Joe told us all about it today and enjoyed dressing up as iron man!

  4. Davina Jenna's Mum says:

    Jenna came home and mentioned Super heroes today. She said she needs to practise her flying and wants her super power to be fire- apparently her cape will set alight when her flying happens, but wont burn her as she has super powers!!!

  5. Afsana says:

    Arwa had a fun packed afternoon today as Bat Girl,she wants to be Bat Girl forever with Super Gold Powers.

  6. Sarah (Holly's Mum) says:

    Holly told us the superheroes had been in nursery yesterday and what some of her friends wanted as their superpowers. She was really excited about making her own superhero cape and wants to be ‘Supergirl’! Have fun!

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