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This week in Reception the children have been learning about firefighters. The week began with a box full of clues for the children to guess who the box belonged to.

The clues were: a boot, a red siren, a mask, a yellow helmet and a sound button with the sound of a siren.




In literacy, the children have been labeling the parts of a fire engine and have been writing sentences about fire engines and firefighters.

We have discussed how to stay safe in the event of a fire and what to do if we hear a fire alarm. We have also talked to the children about what they would do if they saw a fire or somebody was hurt and an adult couldn’t get to the phone. We have told the children that they ring 999 and tell the person on the phone what has happened.

Linked with our learning about Post Offices last week, two of the girls in RH  wrote letters to Emily who left to go to a new school at the end of last term. The girls addressed their letters to Emily’s new school and they posted them in the nearest post box along with a letter from the class to Emily.

IMG_3476 IMG_3475






We looked at the times on the post box so we could work out when the letter would be picked up by the Post Officer. We also estimated when we think Emily will receive her letter. The girls said she will get the letter by tomorrow as it had a first class stamp on it.

In phonics, most children have learnt /oo/ /ar/ /or/ /er/. Some children have been practising reading and writing words with the consonant clusters /ft/ /ld/ /lf/ /lk/ /lp/. An example of a word might be left. Some children have learnt /u/ and /r/ and have been practising sounding out and blending CVC words like rat.

In numeracy, the children have been doing some more work on additions. Most children seem to have grasped the concept of addition being the total amount of something.




This picture shows a child rolling two dice. She made each number on the dice using counters and then added the two amounts together.




The picture below shows a child using a number line to complete additions. The first dice was rolled and the number shown was circled on the number line. The next dice was then rolled. The child started at the circled number and jumped the number jumps corresponding to the dice to reach the answer.







The children have also been counting in twos. Some children find this quite tricky so we will be practising this a lot. Below is a song to help make counting in twos fun!

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