Alien Tea party!

Tuesday 24th November | 4 comments

Last week the children really enjoyed listening to the story ‘Alien Tea on Planet Zum-Zee’. It is about some aliens who bring food for a picnic tea but one alien brings something which looks disgusting but in the end actually tastes yummy! From reading this book we thought it would be a great idea to have our own alien tea party.
Alien tee

So this week we will be busy preparing for our alien picnic of pizza, smartie biscuits, cake and a jelly!

We are also learning the songs 5 little men in a flying saucer and bumpy bumpy through space.

Christmas Concerts
We are busy practising all the songs for our concert. The Foundation Stage Christmas concerts are on Tuesday 8th December at 9.30am and Thursday 10th December at 2pm. The concerts will be held in the North building hall.

Have a great week.
The Nursery Team.

4 responses to “Alien Tea party!”

  1. Zoe Briggs (Joe's mum) says:

    sounds like a yummy picnic! Do you need us to bring in any food?

    • hannahstewart says:

      Sorry I have just read this Zoe the party was on Tuesday morning. I have got some cake and a biscuit for Joe to bring home tomorrow.

  2. Sandhya Sarda (Aayush's mum) says:

    Aayush was talking about the aliens tea party. He has been trying to sing the wise men from the east aswell

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