Reception -Whatever next?

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Whatever next in Reception?

In Literacy we will be listening to the story ‘Whatever Next!’ by Jill Murphy. The children will be retelling the story and creating story maps by themselves or in groups. They will also be sequencing the story using time words such as ‘next’, ‘then’, ‘after that’ to move the story on. The children have also been making some super rockets and space pictures in the Areas of Provision!

In Maths the children will be continuing to develop their counting skills and also working on sequencing. They will be sequencing pictures of daily routines. You can chat to your children at home about the order they do things in during the day.

Don’t forget that next week on Thursday 26th we will be holding two ‘Maths is Fun!’ sessions. Both sessions will be the same and are at 3.30 – 4.00pm and 7.00 – 7.30pm. Please try to make one of them as you will learn about fun activities you can do at home with your child. You will also get a pack full of maths resources to take home. We will send a note home this week and look out for the posters! To view the poster please click the link – Number fun!

In Reception over the next few weeks we will be talking about how Christians celebrate Christmas. The questions we will be asking the children include:

What happens when a baby is born in your family?

How do Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus?

Why do some children celebrate Christmas and others don’t?

We would like the children to bring in photographs of themselves as babies. You could help by talking about how their name was chosen and if they received special presents when they were born.


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