A lovely week in Reception

Friday 25th September | 1 comment

What a lovely week we have had. The children are really settling in and we are getting to know them.

Over the past weeks we have been assessing the children in Literacy and Numeracy skills and will be starting phonic sessions next week. Each class will also be using both classrooms from next week so the children will taking part in both Literacy and Numeracy activities. This happens from Monday to Thursday and one week the children from RH will be in their classroom in the morning and then in RF’s classroom in the afternoon and the opposite for RF. The following week this will be reversed but you still take your child to their own classroom for the beginning of the day and collect them there at the end of the day.

Farm visit

On Monday afternoon RH will be visiting our farm so will need to bring named wellies if they have them. RF will be going on Tuesday afternoon. If your child does not have wellies we have some spare pairs in school. The children will be having a look at all the fruit and vegetables growing there. Please have a chat with them about it.

Have a good week, from the Reception team.

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  1. Ellen (Rhys and Erin's mum) says:

    Erin had a lot to say about the farm trip. She lived picking her own apple from he tree and feeding the chickens treats the best!

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