Farm fun in Nursery this week

Monday 29th June | No comments yet

The children have talked a lot today about everything they saw on Friday with great enthusiasm. We are encouraging the children to write about their favourite part of the trip. Children can write letters and make marks – the tricky part is telling an adult what they have written. Those children who didn’t go will be encouraged to write about something they did at the weekend.
We will be creating paintings and drawings of the animals we saw and what we did at the Farm. To develop story telling skills, the children will use a ‘farm story bag’. In the bag are farm related objects and the children will choose one and then start a verbal story, each taking it in turns to add another object or animal to the story. We will be reading the story ‘Rosie’s Walk’ and using the props to retell the story using positional language like next to, behind, around etc..

Sun, sun, sun!!!
Please make sure your child has sun cream applied before coming to school. Named hats and sunglasses need to be in your child’s bag on their peg. We do aim to keep the children cool and encourage them to drink water in between snack times.

Stay and Play
Stay and Play sessions continue on Wednesdays – 8.45-9.15 and 12.30-1pm, everyone is welcome!

Transition in to Reception
The children will start to spend time in both of the Reception classes over the next few weeks. Miss Hutchinson will be coming in to Nursery to see the children. On Wednesday 1st July the children will be spending time with their new class teacher. For those children who aren’t at Nursery on this day/at this time we shall schedule another slot in.

Have a great week, stay safe in the sun.
The Nursery Team.

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