Jungle fun in Reception this week and important trip info!

Monday 15th June | No comments yet

Another busy week ahead in Reception!


This week in our Literacy lessons we are learning about jungles and rainforests! We have looked on a map to see where rainforests and jungles are in the world. We will also be thinking about exploring jungles and what we may need in our own rucksacks if we were explorers. The children will  be reading the book Rumble in the Jungle by Giles Andreae. We will be thinking about words that rhyme and talking about the different rhythms poems create. Our Bee Jobs will include wild animal box-modelling, labelling the contents of our jungle rucksacks, finding out the most and least popular wild animal and using describing words to write sentences. Our tricky word this week is – have.


In our maths lessons this week we are continuing to think about how we measure. We are focusing on capacity and how we measure capacity. The children will be using words such as full, nearly full, empty, half full and nearly empty. We will be testing and estimating which containers will hold the most water and will be evaluating our findings.

Our trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Our trip to YWP is next Monday 22nd June. We are all very excited and it promises to be a fantastic day! Please make sure your child brings their lunch in a named rucksack that they will carry around with them. The children also need sun cream or a waterproof jacket (depending on the weather). School uniform is to be worn as usual. As mentioned on a previous letter there is a chance that we will be arriving back to school a little later that 3:15. We are hoping that we will be back before 3:30 so please be prepared for home time to be a little later than usual!

Have a wonderful week!

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