Easter fun this week in Nursery….

Monday 30th March | No comments yet

This week is a short one, don’t forget we break up on Thursday 2nd April. We are remembering the Easter story and what happened to Jesus around this time of year.

We are also having a fun Easter week!!! Today the children received a parcel and letter in the post. We opened the parcel to find 6 eggs, 3 white and 3 blue! The letter asked the children to keep the eggs warm for a few weeks and then ‘something’ might pop out and say “hello”. The children thought of lots of things that could be in the eggs….

“A butterfly”, “A dumper truck”, “A ball”, “A baby dinosaur”, “A chick”, “A parrot”, “A little girl” and lots more….

We are also making the finishing touches to our Easter cards and making chocolate Easter nests.

Easter Egg Competition
Don’t forget the North building Easter Egg competition. It will be judged on Thursday. Any entries can be displayed on the stage next to the ‘Nursery’ title.

Ethos Statement
This week the statement we are learning about is ‘I can be a great learner’. We will discuss this and previous statements learnt. How can we be good learners?

We hope you have a super 2 week break and the sun shines a lot! We look forward to welcoming you back on Monday 20th April.
The Nursery Team

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