Spring has Sprung in Reception!

Monday 23rd March | 1 comment

This week in Reception we are focusing on Spring and all the wonderful things it brings with it!

In our Literacy lessons this week we will be reading lots of different Spring stories, listening to Spring sounds and thinking of words to describe Spring. Will we also be using the iPads to take pictures of signs of Spring we see around our school grounds. Within our Bee Jobs this week we will be painting flowers, sorting ee, igh, ch, th and sh objects and practising writing our letters. Our new tricky word is – they.
This week in our Maths lessons we are introducing the idea of subtraction. We will be doing this very practically and showing the children that subtracting means ‘taking away’ objects from a group. The children will be playing subtraction games on the computers and iPads, using the ducks in the water area to subtract or take away and using Numicon to solve problems too!
This week we will be starting our informal assessments of the children ready for our new Summer term. These assessments help us to make sure we provide accurate next steps throughout the year and we will be updating the children’s targets too. If you have any questions then please do ask!
Take a look at the pictures below to check out some fantastic INDEPENDENT writing about Spring. Well done!

One response to “Spring has Sprung in Reception!”

  1. Kirsty (Charlie's mum) says:

    It all sounds very exciting at the beginning of Spring with some hard fun work ahead. Charlie has been telling us his tricky words and spots them when reading with us. The ducks in the water sound fun!

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