It’s nearly Easter…

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This week we are learning about the meaning of Easter. When we asked the children what happened at Easter they pretty much all replied “The Easter bunny comes and we get lots of chocolate eggs”. We have listened to the story of Jesus and how he died on the cross and came back alive. In preparing for Easter we are practising our fine motor skills by writing our names or an Easter message for our cards. We are starting to make our cards too.
We will be practising our pencil control on special Easter eggs and with some ribbon weaving.

Ethos Statement
Our statement this week is ‘We can be the best we can be’. We will discuss what it means and all the things we can do to be the best we can be. We will also read the other statements we have already discussed – We can be healthy, We can be good citizens, We can be safe.

Deconstruction Area
The children started playing in the deconstruction area. They loved using the boxes to make all sorts of things like aeroplanes, castles and beds. If you have any huge boxes please bring them in. As you can imagine they don’t last long!!!

Have a great week, hopefully the sun will shine!

The Nursery Team

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