All things Irish in Nursery this week…

Monday 16th March | 1 comment

‘Top of the mornin to ya!’ Can you guess what we are learning about this week? Yes, Saint Patrick’s Day.

The children will be listening to the story a lot over the week as it is a little more complicated than St Andrew’s and St David’s stories.
As part of our celebrations the children will be creating their own 4 leaf clovers by practising their cutting skills. The children will cut up different green materials to create their clover collages. We will be learning how to Irish dance, mix different shades of green using powder paints and making rainbow buns.

We continue to practise counting and playing number games. We will be learning a new Irish counting song too.

Parents Evening
Thank you to everyone who has made an appointment for tomorrow (Tuesday) and Wednesday. These days are now full. If you would like to make an appointment outside of these days then please contact me on: [email protected]

Ethos Statement
This week we are learning about being safe – ‘I can be safe’. We will be looking at the ethos statements we have already learnt and discussing how we can be safe at home and at school.

Have a cracking week!
The Nursery Team

One response to “All things Irish in Nursery this week…”

  1. Husna says:

    It looks like you all are having a wonderful time! I wish I was there with my brother☺

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