Reception’s trip to Pudsey Police Station

Wednesday 28th January | 4 comments

What an exciting trip to Pudsey Police Station! The children behaved very well – despite being a little soggy!!

We were shown around the cells, looked at where the police officers take fingerprints, got to try on special uniforms, saw all the special security cameras, went into to the ‘interview rooms’ and much, much more. Thank you so much to Pudsey Police Station who were very kind to show us around. The children had a great time and now lots more about what its like in a Police Station and what it’s like to be a Police Officer. Has your child talked about the trip today?

Thank you very much to the adults who came with us to help!

Take a look at some of the pictures below to see what we got up to …..

4 responses to “Reception’s trip to Pudsey Police Station”

  1. hannahstewart says:

    This trip looks great fun Reception. I don’t like the look of the cell!

  2. Lucy & Tom's Mummy says:

    I had a fantastic time with you on your trip today! Thank you for taking me along. I had never been inside a police station before so I learned a lot of new things. I really enjoyed seeing all the cells and was interested that there was a corridor for men and another one for women. I thought the finger print and shoe print room was the most interesting. I don’t think I’ve stopped thinking about red lights all day!

  3. Karen Chaudhari (Nathan's Mum) says:

    Nathan loved this trip and has been keen to tell us about what he learnt on the day. Thanks for organising.

  4. Jay says:

    WOWZERS! That looks amazing I wish I were there!

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