Run, run as fast as you can…

Monday 26th January | 1 comment

This week in Nursery we are reading the story of the ‘Gingerbread Man’. We are encouraging the children to act out the story and join in with the repeated phrases.
We are of course making our own delicious gingerbread men, designing our own and practising our fine motor skills by sewing one! In between all of this hard work we will be listening to the story a number of times.
We continue to practise our counting and number recognition.

Abbey House Museum
Thank you to everyone who has volunteered for Wednesday’s trip. We are sure the children are going to have a great time and will have plenty to occupy them.

Stay and Read
As we are out on a trip on Wednesday Stay and Read will continue next Wednesday.

Ethos Statement
Last week the children talked about how to be a good citizen. This week we will be looking at ‘I can be happy’. We will talk about what makes us, our friends and family happy.

Have a great week!
The Nursery Team

One response to “Run, run as fast as you can…”

  1. Danielle (Ayla's Mum) says:

    Had a little nibble of the gingerbread man Ayla brought home! She has told her Grandma all about it and was surprised her Gran knew the story.

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