Goldilocks has been a naughty girl in Nursery!

Friday 23rd January | 2 comments

The children have listened to the story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears and have helped adults in the bears well known phrases. They even managed different voices for the 3 bears! We have been busy making beds for all the different size of bears.
Something awful happened….somebody broke a chair in Nursery! The children have been working hard to find clues and their evidence led to it being Goldilocks. They used the iPads to take photos of clues and made notes on their clipboards. The children had to think of ways to help her become a good citizen!

2 responses to “Goldilocks has been a naughty girl in Nursery!”

  1. daisys mum says:

    I asked Noah how we can help goldilocks be good, and he said “show her how to be good”.

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