Santa has been……or rather RF have been to see him!

Friday 12th December | 3 comments

What a wonderful visit to Abbey House Museum this morning! The children made crowns before they visited Father Christmas and then received a lovely present from him. Afterwards the children dressed up in Christmas outfits and had a very exciting time. What a lovely trip and as one child said “a very exciting place to visit” at any time.

3 responses to “Santa has been……or rather RF have been to see him!”

  1. Lisa (Lucy's Mum) says:

    You all looked so good in your outfits! Thank you for a really enjoyable morning, I enjoyed getting to know some of you a bit better. I’m not surprised Father Christmas gave you lovely presents, you are all very special people!

  2. anna. says:

    For the first time ever Olivia sat with santa smiled and had het picture taken, without any tears! ! Both Steve (dad) and Olivia said they had a great time. Thank you x

  3. Karen Chaudhari says:

    It was a fantastic trip and you all seemed to have lots of fun! Nathan loves his present from Santa and we will definitely go back to visit, as Nathan thought the museum has lots of “interesting” things to look at. Thank you for organising this lovely trip…it’s been a very busy week for the children and teachers alike.

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