The Christmas story in Nursery

Tuesday 9th December | 6 comments

The children will be learning about the story of Christmas. We were impressed by what they already knew by looking at a picture…

‘That is Mary’

‘The baby is Jesus’

‘That man is his daddy’.

We will also be making our Christmas cards and calendars. The main excitement of the week is our ‘Lazy sheep concert’. We hope to see you on either Tuesday morning or Thursday afternoon.

Have a great week

The Nursery Team

6 responses to “The Christmas story in Nursery”

  1. Danielle (Ayla's mum) says:

    Congratulations on a fabulous nativity play! The children behaved impeccably and looked very happy to be taking part. They were a credit to yourself and Mrs Spencer/Myers. I know Ayla will be telling her cousins all about it at the weekend!

  2. Amanda O'Donnell says:

    Had a fabulous time this morning at the nativity, well done to all children involved, you have worked really hard.

  3. Ellen (Erin's mum) says:

    Well done to all the children and nursery staff who worked so hard. It’s great to be able to capture these memorable moments with no restrictions from the school. Thank you xxx

    • hannahstewart says:

      Thank you for your lovely comments. The children did a great job today and they were certainly buzzing about it afterwards.

  4. Erin (Isabel's mum) says:

    Absolutely brilliant play today, thoroughly enjoyed it. All the children were superb and really looked like they were enjoying themselves. Isabel was very pleased with herself and hasn’t stopped talking about the performance

  5. Hira's mum says:

    We’re looking forward to the Nativity play tomorrow and Hira is excited too.

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