At Andrew’s Day fun in Nursery

Friday 28th November | 3 comments

The children have had a great time learning about the celebration of St Andrews Day. They have remembered so much about the story and where St Andrews Day is celebrated…

‘It is in Scotland’

‘Andrew had a brother called Peter’

‘He was a fisherman’

‘He shared a little food with lots of people’

‘He died on an ‘x’ shaped cross’

We have tried Scottish porridge oats (some tried a lot!), made Scottish shortbread biscuits, made Scotland flags and done some Scottish dancing. Look at the fun we had…

3 responses to “At Andrew’s Day fun in Nursery”

  1. Ayden says:

    Ayden said he had lots of fun making the porridge!

  2. Ellen (Erin's mum) says:

    A lovely topic, Erin even taught us some Scottish facts. Didn’t get a taste of the shortbread but Erin did share with her brother and he said it was delicious.

  3. sheena bennett says:

    Luke shared his short bread with his dad, they both enjoyed it very much!!!

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