St Andrew’s Day Celebrations in Nursery this week

Monday 24th November | No comments yet

This week we are learning all about Scotland and St Andrew’s Day. St Andrews day is this Sunday – 30th November.  We will  look at where Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland are on the map. The children will listen to the story of Andrew and how he became the patron Saint of Scotland. In brief the story is about Andrew who was a fisherman. He helped Jesus feed the 5,000. Jesus died on the cross. When it was Andrew’s turn he chose to die on a horizontal cross out of respect for Jesus. This is the cross you now see on the flag of Scotland.

For more information click on the links below: and

We will be making our own Scottish shortbread, trying out different toppings on our porridge, making Scottish flags and trying our hand at some Scottish dancing. We will also watch a St Andrews parade to help us understand how St Andrew’s Day is celebrated.

Look out for photos of our Scottish fun at the end of the week!

Staff training day – don’t forget THIS Wednesday is a training day.

Have a great week.

The Nursery Team.



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