A special visitor in Reception this week!

Monday 24th November | 3 comments

Today we found a mysterious letter that asked us to find a special star outside! The children followed a trail of stars to find the Fallen Star stuck in the trees! The children have thought of fantastic ways of getting the Fallen Star back up to space! We had some brilliant suggestions including; throwing it back up to space, using jet packs, turning the school into a rocket, and making a spaceship!


This week in our Literacy classroom we will be writing letters to the star once it has been sent back up to space! We will be listening carefully for all the sounds in words and using our phonics to write them down. We will also be thinking about our Kung-fu punctuation and using capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.


This week we are thinking about repeating patterns. We will be creating patterns using sponge printing, different objects and even ourselves! There will be lots of different bee jobs around the maths classroom to do with patterns.

Remember we have a teacher training day on Wednessay this week so the school is closed to the children.

Have a brilliant week!





3 responses to “A special visitor in Reception this week!”

  1. Melanie says:

    I returned home this evening to hear all about the exciting Star hunt – a very excited Sonny and asking lots of interesting questions about space – it’s certainly capturing his imagination

  2. Karen Chaudhari says:

    Nathan was very excited when he got home from school and couldn’t wait to tell us about the star hunt and the letter!

  3. Taj (Arjays Mummy) says:

    Arjay was really excited about the star trail they followed at school today, he was telling me there were lots of small stars on the floor and how all the children followed it.

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