Whatever Next!

Monday 17th November | 4 comments


This week in our Literacy classroom we are focusing on the lovely book Whatever Next by Jill Murphy. The children will be sequencing the story using pictures, using props to re-tell the story and continuing to draw story maps. The children will also be ‘challenged’ to write cvc words independently e.g. b-o-x, t-e-d. We are also creating rockets in the model making area to help our own teddy’s blast off to space.


In our Mathematics classroom this week we are continuing to work on our individual maths targets. Bee jobs in this classroom will include a number search, using the ipads to play some number games, estimating how many stars are in the jar and ordering numbers to 20. We will also be focusing on ordering events in a day and ordering familiar events. We will be asking children what they do first, next, after that and finally.

Have a brilliant week!

4 responses to “Whatever Next!”

  1. Melanie says:

    Many thanks for taking the time to update me the childrens classroom activities. I find this extremely useful and helpful as a working parent to know what’s going on week by week so thank you!

  2. Joven says:

    Joven made a rocket in school today which he brought home and put his teddy in and blasted it off to space, just like the story – Whatever next! Joven is having fun playing in the space area in the classroom too!

  3. Kirsty (Charlie's mum) says:

    It has been good to hear what you have been up to in the classroom, Charlie is hoping to make a rocket next week as he has been busy with other things!

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