Sensory experiences in Nursery this week

Monday 17th November | 7 comments

This week we are getting the children to experience lots of different sensory activities. We will be painting with our fingers, making gloop, bubble painting, making clean mud and then using a marshmallow and fairy liquid mix! Look out for our fun photos on Friday.

Please don’t forget we ask the children to bring in a contribution of fruit which goes towards our snack time. It helps the children to share items they bring in.

During snack times we are practising our Christmas songs, listening to stories and counting to 20.

Nursery is closed this Friday as school has a training day.

Have a great week, wrap up!

The Nursery Team

7 responses to “Sensory experiences in Nursery this week”

  1. Phoebe (Milo's sister) says:

    wow you must be getting very messy!I bet it’s so fun.

  2. Caroline Joynson says:

    Sounds like it’s going to be a fun week!

  3. Bex Myers says:

    It’s only Tuesday and I’m loving this week already! It’s been messy , yucky , slimy and the children’s faces have been very funny. I can’t wait to see what’s I’m doing tomorrow .

  4. Lisa (Barry's Mum) says:

    Barry has absolutely loved all the sensory activities this week, thank you for your hard work and creativity! He is still a bit slimy though…

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