Remembrance Day and Children in Need

Friday 14th November | 2 comments

What a busy week in Reception!

Take a look at the pictures below to see what we got up to. We had a special assembly on Tuesday to mark Remembrance Day. The children made beautiful poppy wreaths and then year 2 took them down to the cenotaph in Farsley. Mrs Myers did a great job of playing the Bugle in our assembly and we were all very respectful during the 2 minutes silence.

Today the children enjoyed laying silver coins down along the corridor in the Junior building and drawing some lovely pictures. Thank you for all your donations and for the wonderful cakes!



2 responses to “Remembrance Day and Children in Need”

  1. Nathan says:

    Nathan enjoyed helping make the poppy wreath and said he’d like to take one to the cenotaph when he’s a bit bigger.

    We were all amazed at the wonderful cakes everyone made today for Children in Need. What a great cause…you should all be very proud!!

  2. Naheed (Aaminahs mum) says:

    Aaminah has talked lots about school this week and has said its been a fun week. Reception look as though they’ve had lots of fun learning and taking part in both remembrance day and children in need.

    Well done to you all

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